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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Strangers in Paradise: Pocket Book 4. Terry Moore

This volume 4 of the Strangers in Paradise Pocket Books contains the original comic books Volume II, #41-#41, #47-#48, and #50-#60. Francine has gone home to her mom in Tennessee, and David and Katchoo are living in a cottage in Hawaii. Casey breaks up with Freddie and visits them in Hawaii. Eventually, Katchoo fights with David and he goes back to Japan. There Katchoo's half-sister Tambi catches up with him. Also remnants of the old mob try to seek revenge against Katchoo, while the FBI is also closing in on her.

Not as violent as the last volume, this is a somewhat introspective volume where the characters explore their feelings for each other. Each is eager to bring closure to their pasts and to get on with their life. Yet the readers know we are only in volume 4 of a 5 volume book version of a comic series that is still being published. So the odds of "happily ever after" any time soon are very slim.


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