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Monday, April 13, 2009

Trouble Under Oz by Sherwood Smith

Trouble Under Oz by Sherwood Smith

This sequel to The Emerald Wand of Oz continues the adventure of Dori and Em, two modern sisters who think they are related to Dorothy Gale (whose adventures in Oz over 100 years ago were chronicles in 14 books by L. Frank Baum). The Nome Prince Rikiki is planning to return home to claim the throne from Kaliko who has been ruling since Rik's father was driven out. Ozma summons Dori, who became friends with Rik in the first book, and asks her to accompany Prince Inga of Pingaree on a mission to visit Rik. She fears that a struggle for power in the Nome Kingdom might trigger a war with their hostile neighbors, and feels Inga, with Dori's help, will be able to communicate with Rik. Meanwhile Em is left at home to cover for Dori's absence.

It is best to be familiar with Baum's original stories to appreciate the many adventures Dori has with Inga and Rik as they revisit lands and people that Dorothy knew 100 years ago. For those familiar with Baum's work this can be a delightful chance to learn more from the latest Royal Historian of Oz. Being the second book of a trilogy, however, do not expect all plot themes to be completely worked out. The third book of this trilogy, while written, has not yet been published. Hopefully soon, the final volume will become available and we can learn the conclusion of this interesting contribution to the Oz series.