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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Strangers in Paradise: Pocket Book 3. Terry Moore

Volume 3 of the PocketBook edition of Strangers in Paradise contains the original comic book issues numbered Volume III issues #18-#24, #26-#32, #34-#38. In this volume, Katchoo's art career takes off with an exhibition that includes nudes of Francine. Her ex-boyfriend Freddie and his wife Casey get into a fight over these highly-desirable paintings. Also, with Darcy dead, her mob organization becomes the center of a rivalry between Veronica Pace and Tambi. Katchoo, Francine and David are caught up in this conflict as they struggle to work out their jumbled relationships. Being the middle volume of the five now released, there is lots of action but little resolution in this book. For the romantically inclined readers there is a flash forward to Katchoo and Francine together ten years on.


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