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Saturday, April 22, 2006

SICK SICK SICK. Jules Feiffer

Sick Sick Sick is the very first compilation of Jules Feiffer's cartoons ever published. Starting in 1956 he wrote his cartoons weekly for The Village Voice, something he continued to do until 1997. In 1958 there were enough to put them out in book form.

Subtitled" A Guide to Non-Confident Living," this collection shows the angst of Feiffer's characters in its earliest manifestations. Here you will find an 11 year old boy who feels that life has already passed him by, insecure Village artists and Bohemians, a dancer who performs her homages to Spring and Fall, corporate executives caught up in the rat race, single women who fret that men are only interested in one thing, conformists who seek individuality, and individualists who secretly desire conformity.

Most of the material still has relevance, even though there is one story about U.S. insecurity over the Soviet Sputnik that may require explaining to some readers.

Feiffer has gone on to win the Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar, and even the Milton Caniff Award for Lifetime Achievement. This book provides a chance to see how he began writing for The Voice back in the 1950s. A treat for any serious cartoon reader.


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