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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Classics of Western Literature: Bloom County 1986-1989

Classics of Western Literature: Bloom County 1986-1989 by Berke Breathed
This volume is a collection of the newspaper comic strip "Bloom County" from 1986-1989 including pages of four black and white daily four panel entries and pages of two full color 6 panel Sunday entries. If you are a fan, this book provides additionally an introduction called "Last Word" containing some biographical information, Breathed's first cartoon penned in the 10th grade, his one 1977 political cartoon for the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, and 16 strips from his "Academia Waltz" submissions to the University of Texas' Daily Texan college newspaper in 1978-79. The fan who enjoys this volume may also want to read Berkeley Breathed's Outland: The Complete Collection which picks up where Bloom County leaves off in 1989 and contains all the Sunday color strips for "Outland" through it's end in 1995.


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