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Thursday, March 14, 2013

How The Wizard Saved Oz

How The Wizard Saved Oz by Donald Abbott

How The Wizard Saved Oz is Donald Abbott's second book about the Wizard of Oz's adventures in Oz before Dorothy arrives there. The first book, How The Wizard Came To Oz, tells the story of how a circus ventriloquist rides a lighter than air ballon through a storm, lands in Oz, and is proclaimed a powerful wizard by the gullible people who live there.
In this book, the Queen of the Field Mice asks the Wizard for help in finding the field mice of Oz. All her subjects have suddenly disappeared, leaving behind only a scrap of cloth from a tailor who lives far to the north in the land of the Gillikins. The two set out to ask the tailor about the possible owner of the scrap. Instead of the tailor, they come across Mombi, a wicked witch with a nefarious plan to steal all the magic in Oz. Can a small mouse and a humbug wizard outwit an evil witch and save the field mice and all of Oz?
Abbott wrote a total of six early Oz stories that he illustrated himself in the style of the first illustrator of Oz, W. W. Denslow. They are prequels to the first two Oz books by L. Frank Baum that will entertain people who want more about Oz.


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