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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wetlands by Charlotte Roche

This first person narrative starts out like a novelization of Paul Spinrad's The Re/Search Guide to Bodily Fluids. A young woman is alone in a hospital bed recovering from anal surgery, and keeps herself from feeling alone by recalling her fascination with bodily fluids. She is also trying to come to terms with her parents' divorce, the influence these two very different people have had on her, and unrevealed family secrets.

Helen, the main character, is both brash and vulnerable at the same time. The author develops the plot well through Helen's narrative which leads the reader deeper and deeper into her life. She hopes to resolve her conflicts by reuniting her parents.

However, when she starts to open up to a young male nurse who seems to care, a new opportunity for happiness becomes possible in this coming of age story. While the book starts out gross, Helen's inner insecurities and feelings slowly reveal themselves and those who stick it out may find a novel worth reading.


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