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Friday, May 04, 2012

The Sheik

The Sheik, by E. M. Hull

A beautiful rich British 18-year old virgin decides to hire a guide to take her across the Algerian desert. She is abducted by a equally rich and handsome horse-breeding sheik who wants to rape her and tame her like his wild horses. It is the early 20th century and the French control of Algeria is limited to the major cities and the coast, so the sheik is the absolute ruler of his tribe and his land. This is a rape and submission fantasy novel told from the woman's point of view. Overpowered, isolated and helpless we watch her mind shift from an attitude of upper-class privilege to submissive love in the lonely space of the sheik's two room tent. Both are damaged emotionally at the start and come to find love in each other's arms.
I found this book to be well-written in its focus. What is not said looms large, and the reader's thoughts will either complete the story or reject it.


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