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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Aphrodite Book 3 by Pierre Louys

Aphrodite Book 3 by Pierre Louys and illustrated by Claire Wendling

My copy of this book has a serious problem in pagination. The publisher messed up the order of pages 17 to 32, making this section impossible to read. Fortunately, I have the original text from which this was taken and can help you identify if you have a problem copy (I don't know if all copies were published with this problem) and tell you the proper order of the pages. The first sixteen pages are alright and page 17 is a full color plate. Turn to page 18. If it starts with the words: "She walked on following the street." your copy is defective. To read the text of a copy with this defect in its original order, read it as follows: pp. 1-16, 30, 26, 20-25, 19, 29, 18, 32-62. The pages between 16 and 32 not listed are full page illustrations. NOTE that this is a review of the defective copies and only deals with the defect, not the content of the work. Also Book 4 of this series was never released.


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