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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Best of Creepy. James Warren

A collection of 8 black-and white cartoons from the 1964 magazine Creepy. These are classics written by Archie Goodwin (except Werewolf by Larry Ivie) from some of the best artists of the day.

Sand Doom is illustrated by Al Williamson and tells the story of an amoral weapons dealer and how his Karma catches up with him.

Overworked, illustrated by Wallace Wood, tells of a comics artist who gets too involved in his work.

Untimely Tomb, drawn by Angelo Torres, deals with the issue of being buried alive.

Reed Crandall's art in Vampires Fly At Dusk gives a vampire story a strange new ending.

Werewolf has the early work of Frank Frazetta in this classic story of changelings.

Grave Undertaking with drawings by Alex Toth is a tale of grave robbers.

Curse of the Full Moon is drawn by Reed Crandall and takes another glimpse into the lives of werewolves.

Finally, Steve Ditko's legendary art graces Collector's Edition, a story about the risks of book collecting.

The book is worth the chance to see Frank Frazetta and Steve Ditko's early work. The stories are twists on classic horror themes and give a good perspective on the writing of the time. The paperback size and reduced art takes away from its overall effect, but still a delightful collection.


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