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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Call Me When You Find America. G. B. Trudeau

This is an early collection of Doonesbury strips from 1971-73. Mike Doonesbury, Mark Slackmeyer, Joanie Caucus, Zonker Harris, Boopsie Boopstein, B.D., and even Viet Nam Phred, join a host of other characters as they hang around their college town and face the follies of their time.

Nixon was in the White House, and US troops were still in Viet Nam. Telephones were land-based, and TVs had rabbit antennas. Mark tries his hand at being a computer operator, then quits, and goes on a tour of America with Mike in the sidecar of the motorcycle. They visit the Republican national convention, and later they campaign for McGovern. Joanie takes a job in a day-care center and tries to raise the consciousnes of the girls. B.D. even takes a trip to Viet Nam to visit his friend Phred in the last days of the war.

Lots of fun in this dated but still humorous view of life in the 1970s USA.


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